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Bunk House Cabins

Bunk House Cabins

Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Piece(s)
Price: Rs 2 Lakh / Piece(s)

We offer Bunk House Cabins which can be used for various applications like container offices, portable cabins, bunk houses, movable cabins, mobile shelters, portable toilets etc. These bunk houses cabins can be designed to complement existing facilities or provide a modern appearance with all relevent facilties for everyday use & most convenient & optimal solutions, where the use of such cabin is frequent because it can be easily lifted and shifted to another place.

The cabins are designed & developed on the basis of ISO specifications & user friendly conditions for end use keeping in mind the structural stability, earth quake resistant, weather resistant, leak resistant & faultless operation under extreme climatic condition. There is no compromise on specification either: the flexibility, the load bearing capacity of the cabin. The side walls & ceiling of the cabins are made up of insulated PUF/acoustic panel panels which make them best suited to hot region as well as cold region too. Shiv Power cabins gives you a ready to move in solution to all your construction needs.

It required plane surface to install the the bunk House .
Fitting of AC’s,Lights are easily possible for safety and better facilities.
better result during Summer as well as winter due to insulation works
Weather resistant, heat resistance & leak resistant.
Very Rebust durable Design.
Dismantle design
Easily transported
corrsion free not required any type paints .